You can have the tan of your dreams without jeopardizing the integrity of your skin. Our years of experience have allowed us to put this together for your benefit. These tips are your guide to flawless color and glowing skin!


24-48 hours prior to session


to remove dirt and oils from body. Feel free to wash your hair during this time as well, because it is not recommended to use soap or shampoo for 24 hours after your spray tan.


we suggest doing this prior to your session in order to prevent having to do it after. Shaving will always remove color from the applied area, so the longer you can hold off the better. Avoid using razors with moisture strips to reduce residue that can block the spray.


be sure to remove any dead skin or residual spray tan prior to your session. Doing so will increase the life of your tan and produce flawless results. Failure to do so could lead to a short lived spray tan and uneven fade.

Come prepared

Clean Skin:

Do not put on any lotion, make-up or deodorant prior to your session. These products will block the spray tan and interfere with your results. If you do come in with product on your body, ask for a cleansing mitt so you can remove the product off before you remove dirt and oils from body. Feel free to wash your hair during this time as well, because it is not recommended to use soap or shampoo for 24 hours after your spray tan.


Feel free to wear whatever you’re comfortable in for your spray tan session. If you would like disposable undergarments please ask. After your session be sure to change into loose clothing that will not rub or disturb your fresh spray tan.


Keep an eye on the weather the day of your spray tan. If it looks like rain bring an umbrella, long sleeve shirt, sweatpants, and closed toed shoes. Remember you cannot get wet or sweat while your spray tan is processing. If you happen to get wet please give us a call right away so we can assist you.

After Care


Once your processing time has concluded you can rinse off in the shower using warm water only. Take your hands and using a circular motion wash off your body till the water runs clear. Do not use soap or harsh materials on the first rinse. After please dab dry with a towel.


Apply religiously after your rinse and in the days that follow. This is key to maintaining your spray tan and a clean fade. Using the right kind of moisturizer is just as important. Please stay away from heavily scented, low-grade lotions containing Mineral Oil. Ask about our Professional Tanning Products and get 25% off our tan-extenders.


Water and physical activity are allowed after your first rinse. Keep in mind that your tan will not last as long if you are swimming and engaging in physical activity on a regular basis. To help with that we recommend a self-tanner to help with the up-keep of certain areas.
Ask us about our Profesional Self-Tanners.


Tanning Lotion:

You can achieve a tan without tanning lotion, but why would you do that to your skin? When you tan you are depleting your skin of moisture and vitamins, which speeds up the aging process. Tanning lotion contains high-quality bronzing and skin-care ingredients that not only allow you to tan faster, but they will help you maintain the integrity of your skin!


We cannot emphasize this enough! As a tanner you shed your skin twice a month meaning your tan will fade a lot easier. Using the right kind of lotion is key. Stay away from heavily perfumed products and cheap drug-store lotions. Ask about our professional moisturizers made and tailored for a tanners skin. Moisturizing religiously will give you a healthy looking glow!

UV Exposure:

Moderation is key. Tanning 2-3 times a week is sufficient enough to achieve and maintain your tan. Working your way up to full time and building color slowly is the smart way to tan, so make sure you give yourself enough time to build before your event. Keep building color by switching up your exposure and lotions to avoid tanning plateaus. Please note that we do not allow clients to tan on top of a sunburn.