Natural Tanning

Our tanning packages start at $19.95 a month for *unlimited tanning. Our industry-leading equipment is designed to promote quick color development and help you maintain long-lasting results.

We believe that every body has their own unique tan-ability and it is our passion to help you achieve your desired results based on your skin-type.

Liv Tan is an authorized distributor of professional tanning products that are dedicated to nourishing your skin while promoting color.

Are you ready to start LIVing your life in color?


What if you can still get a natural tan without spending a second under the sun?

sun kissed body


You can still achieve that sun-kissed body conveniently and quickly with tanning beds, along with its great benefits that include:



Being able to control the UV light that the bed gives off for an even, natural tan.


Being able to build a regimen of indoor tanning sessions that’s within your preferred schedule.


Being able to get a nice tan despite the season or weather.


What separates a good tanning experience from a negative one?


A great and reputable tanning center like Liv Tan of Lakeland offers you:

Tanning bed
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Advanced and safe tanning beds, with the lamps regularly changed and maintained with industry standards.


Spa like treatment
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Excellent customer service with gracious staff giving you a spa-like treatment during the entirety of your tanning sessions


Temperature Controll
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Assured that the tanning center is a temperature-controlled environment for you to tan comfortably without exposure to dirty air and other contaminants.


We’re here to help you achieve the sun-kissed beach look you’ve always wanted!


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