Premium eco-certified and organic ingredients are found in our spray solutions. Plus, each solution contains enhanced skin-care ingredients to promote younger, healthy looking skin.

See our options below and start LIVing your life in color!


Versa-Pro Booth VS. Custom Airbrush



Versa Pro spray booth avilable in lakeland


Booth: Versa-Pro is a industry leading spray booth. With multiple color options and other customization’s this private service is popular. This automated spray tan booth will guide you step-by-step and deliver a natural looking tan. Tan will last an average of 5-7 days. This service is walk-in only.

Air brush spray tan service in lakeland


Airbrush: Let us pamper you with a custom spray tan service. Our trained spray tan artists will color-match you with a solution designed for your skin-type. No Orange here, just beautiful natural results! This option is very popular for special occasions, fixing tan lines, evening out skin tone, and contouring the body. Tan will last an average of 5-7 days. This service requires an appointment.

Spray tanning offers a quick and easy tan in only 15 minutes! There are two options that you can choose from: Booth tanning and Custom tanning.
Custom spray tan 

While booth tanning is a great option for on-going maintenance and custom tanning is optimal when you have special events to look your best, they have similar benefits that include:


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A flawless and even application without uneven streaks and tones.

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A spray tanning solution that makes your tan dry quicker with less fuss for busy professionals and people on the go.

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Getting your ideal bronze shade without being out in the sun for long periods of time.


What separtes a great spray tanning artist from the rest?

Loyal customers of Liv Tan of Lakeland ae satisfied with the amazing sprat tanning service which makes them feel like they're in a spa! Our service is regarded as the best in the area because of its:


Affordable and quick tans that can be done when you need it.


Knowledgeable and certified experts with continuous training and regular training to be updated with the latest tanning procedures and techniques.


We suggest the safest aftercare tanning products for you to maximize your tan.




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